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Message from the CEO
December 31, 2015

      As we move into 2016, uncertainty appears to be the common theme.

      Oil prices continue to drop. This has a positive impact on fuel cost and allows for additional discretionary consumer spending. However, we must not lose sight of the fact that there will be an opposite economic impact on companies tied directly to oil production and exploration, on their employees and on support companies of the oil industry. Too much of a good thing could become a bad thing.

      Commodity prices for crops grown by our Midwest farmers remain soft. Beef production income is also falling as some producers report year-over-year prices dropping by as much as one third. Reduced profit margins mean less local spending and increased pressure on our fragile economies.

      Interest rates remain a hot topic as we wait for future action by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). As anticipated, the FOMC increased the federal funds and discount rates by one quarter of one percent in December 2015. Their comments lead experts to believe that additional increases will follow but could be delayed as impact of the first rate increase and certain economic indicators are collected and assessed.

      Bank of Kirksville is bucking the trend of uncertainty. You can be confident that Bank of Kirksville will remain committed to delivering the highest level of service and products. No matter how small or large the need or problem, we are always ready to help.

100 Years

      Bank of Kirkville, a community bank driven by a “Commitment to Excellence” since 1914.

Best regards,
Norman C. Belitz
Chief Executive Officer

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Statement of Condition
December 31, 2015




Cash & Due from Banks


Investment Securities-Held to Maturity


Investment Securities-Available for Sale


Other Investments


Federal Funds Sold





      Loans Net of Unearned Income


      Allowance for Loan Losses


Net Loans


Premises and Fixed Assets


Other Real Estate Owned


Other Assets



Total Assets







      Non-Interest Bearing


      Interest Bearing


Total Deposits


Federal Funds Purchased & Securities
    Sold with Agreement to Repurchase


Other Liabilities


Total Liabilities




Stockholders' Equity


Common Stock




Undivided Profits &
    Capital Reserves


Unrealized Gain or Loss on Securities
    Available for Sale


Total Stockholders' Equity


Total Liabilities &
    Stockholders' Equity


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About Us

      The Bank of Kirksville began as the wishful dream of a group of men sitting in the back room of the Adair County Miner's Bank of Connelsville. They dreamed of a bank with friendly service, sound financial advice, and a mission to give back to the community around them. With these ideals in place the Bank of Kirksville was issued a state charter on Christmas Eve, 1913.

      The bank took its first steps when it opened its doors on January 17, 1914 becoming the 5th bank operating in Kirksville. From the beginning, the Bank of Kirksville was closely tied to the surrounding community. The bank has always strived to offer the best service in the area and to evolve with the changing needs of the community. This dedication to our customers is reflected in the tremendous growth that the bank has seen since its inception.

      The first Statement of Condition was published in October of 1914 and showed the total assets to be $214,298.18. By 1923 the bank's total assets had more than tripled totaling $678,644.30. By 1953 when the assets totaled $5,676,490.98 it was clear to everyone that the Bank of Kirksville was the leading bank in the area. Today the bank still holds true to the ideas on which it was founded and continues to grow and expand. In December 2006 the bank's total assets were $415,259,430 and the future only looks brighter.

      Although the bank is continually growing to serve more and more people, you will never have to worry about being just a number. You will always get the benefits of a big city bank with the service of a small town friend.

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