Telephone Banking "How To" Guide


      Enjoy all of the services of the Bank from the comfort of your own home or office. With Telephone Banking you can obtain account information, transfer funds, get account rates, or verify a check. To use this service call the bookkeeping department during normal business hours to verify account information.


      Once you have dialed (660) 627-2265 for Kirksville residents or 1-866-665-2265 for out of town customers, simply follow the instructions presented by the speaker and "speak" the option you want. That's right, we said "speak" the option you want. BankEase is set up with top-of-the-line voice recognition software that can understand what you say and complete your request. We recommend that everyone listen to the brief tutorial by saying "Instructions" at the main menu. If you are uncomfortable speaking the options, you may also select the option by pressing the corresponding number on a touch-tone phone. Below is a cheat-sheet for option numbers from the various menus.


Telephone Banking Cheat-Sheet


Menu Option Press Number Say the Word(s)
Main Account Info 1 "Account Information"
Main Transfer Funds 2 "Funds Transfer"
Main Bank Information 3 "Bank Information"
Main More Options 4 "More Options"
Account Information Checking 1 "Checking"
Account Information Savings 2 "Savings"
Account Information CD 3 "CD"
Account Information IRA 4 "IRA"
Account Information Loans 5 "Loans"
Funds Transfer Checking 1 "Checking"
Funds Transfer Savings 2 "Savings"
More Options Account Rates 1 "Account Rates"
More Options Check Verification 2 "Check Verification"
Account Rates Money Market 1 "Money Market"
Account Rates Now 2 "Now"
Account Rates Savings 3 "Savings"
Account Rates CD 4 "CD"
Account Rates IRA 5 "IRA"
Any Time Repeat Options N/A "Repeat"
Any Time Previous Menu * "Cancel"
Any Time Main Menu # "Main Menu"